Sail Global Surveyor from the top to the end of the world

Epic sailing journey: from the Arctic to Antarctica with Go West Sailing

Go West Sailing, Scotland’s premier sailing school, invites you to join us on an epic adventure from the Arctic to Antarctica. This summer, Global Surveyor, will embark on a remarkable north-to-south journey, featuring seven thrilling stops that will make your logbook the envy of any sailor.

The Seven Great Adventures

After spending July and August navigating the pristine waters of the Arctic sailing from Iceland to Greenland and back, the Global Surveyor will begin its southward voyage, making seven remarkable stops along the way. The Global Surveyor’s grand north-to-south journey includes:

  • ARCTIC ADVENTURE: Iceland to Greenland: 14 July (10 days): Our adventure begins with a 10-day sail from the stunning fjords of Iceland to the rugged beauty of Greenland. Experience the midnight sun, marvel at towering icebergs, and immerse yourself in the untouched wilderness of the Arctic.
  • ARCTIC ADVENTURE: Greenland to Iceland: 25 July (10 days): Our journey starts with a 10-day sail from Iceland to Greenland. Witness the stunning landscapes of both destinations, from Iceland’s volcanic terrain to Greenland’s massive icebergs and glaciers.
  • ARCTIC ADVENTURE: Iceland to Greenland: 5 August (10 days): Sail back to Iceland, soaking in the Arctic’s serene beauty and gaining a deep appreciation for its untouched wilderness.
  • NORTH ATLANTIC: Iceland to Azores: 1 September (14 days): Transition from the Arctic’s chill to the warm, verdant Azores over a 14-day sail. Experience the dramatic change in scenery and climate. Discover the unique flora and fauna of these mid-Atlantic islands.
  • WEST CROSSING: Azores to Salvador, Brazil: 17 September (25 days): Cross the Atlantic on a 25-day voyage to the vibrant city of Salvador, Brazil. This leg combines the vastness of ocean sailing with the excitement of reaching South America.
  • HEADING SOUTH: Brazil to Itajai: 21 October (10 days): Explore Brazil’s scenic coastline from Salvador to Itajai. Enjoy the blend of sailing and Brazilian culture on this 10-day journey.
  • HEADING SOUTH: Itajai to Ushuaia: 14 November (17 days): Sail to the southernmost tip of South America, arriving in Ushuaia. This 17-day adventure offers a thrilling mix of challenging sailing and stunning views.
  • PATAGONIA ADVENTURER: Ushuaia to Puerto Natales: 3 December (10 days): Navigate the dramatic fjords of Patagonia on a 10-day sail to Puerto Natales, exploring glaciers and breathtaking landscapes.
  • PATAGONIA ADVENTURER: Puerto Natales to Ushuaia: 13 December (10 days): Return to Ushuaia, completing our Patagonian adventure with another stunning 10-day journey through Chile’s magnificent fjords.
  • ULTIMATE SAILING ADVENTURE: Drake Passage & Antarctica: 13 February 2025 (21 days), three remaining spots available. The pinnacle of our adventure sailings – a 21-day expedition to the frozen continent of Antarctica. This journey is for the true adventurers, promising unforgettable experiences and breathtaking scenery.

Ultimate Adventures with Global Surveyor

The Global Surveyor is more than just a vessel; she is a gateway to the world’s most remote and beautiful locations. Each of the legs of our north-to-south journey promises the ultimate sailing adventure, perfect for those seeking to advance their sailing skills and adventure seekers who want to push their limits and explore the extraordinary.

Prices start at £1295 for 1o days. As with all our trips, all on-board expenses are included in the price: accommodation on Global Surveyor, all onboard meals and snacks; fuel and gas; skipper/guide; first mate/engineer; marina and harbour fees; and bedding (sheet and pillowcase).

For more details, email, text or WhatsApp Victoria at +44 7834 527038 or Danny at +44 7908 478917. Check out our website at Go West Sailing for detailed itineraries and booking information. Join us on YouTube for highlights from our past adventures in Greenland, Iceland, Patagonia, and Antarctica.

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