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"All the stills and video on this page were shot by leisure sailors; just like you on our trips to Greenland. No professional cameramen, no helicopters, just mobile phones and portable drones operated by enthusiastic yachtsmen. These are the sights that will meet you on your sailing trip of a lifetime aboard Global Surveyor. You know you want to – you really should book now before this icy wonderland is lost for ever."

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Included in the price:

  • 10 nights accommodation on 70ft steel yacht
  • all onboard meals and snacks
  • fuel and gas
  • oil skins hire
  • skipper and 1st mate services
  • yacht cleaning                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Expedition yacht Global Surveyor:

  • design by Gunter Marine and Graham Lascelles for round the world sailing
  • built in 1998 of steel and refitted 2020
  • seven watertight sections and crash bulkheads
  • designed to withstand collisions with ice, containers and groundings
  • overbuilt cutter rig
  • fully insulated with 3 independent diesel heaters
  • 2000 liters of water in 2 tanks
  • 2000 liters of diesel in 2 tanks 
  • 5 cabins and 2 heads including shower area
  • very large saloon with mahogany wooden trim
  • deck house to protect from elements
  • extensive safety kit incl 2 x ocean class 12 person life rafts
  • satellite communication
  • 150 kg main and 63 kg kedge anchor


This sailing adventure covers two amazing destinations, Iceland and Greenland and crossing of famous Denmark Strait. In the thousands of miles covering the coasts of Eastern Greenland there are only 7 settlements, these settlements are home to only 3500 residents and we will be visit five of them. It is one of the last wild places in our hemisphere where people are still living a traditional way of life. Our yacht will sail between spectacular icebergs of Sermilik Fjord the most iceberg productive fjord in Greenland. Sermilik Fjord is a big fjord west of the village Tasiilaq. The name Sermelik translates to 'place with glaciers' in Greenlandic. The fjord is full of icebergs as it's fed by several glaciers. We will see numerous whales and seals in their natural habitat, we may be even lucky to see a polar bear wandering the shore. We will hike the mountains above the giant ice river Knud Rasmussen glacier. We will pay a visit to an abandoned second world war army base. Eat fresh fish and wild berries harvested and caught by Inuits. Anchor surrounded by breath taking scenery, and experience first hand the land where the sun never fully goes down. We will experience the real taste of isolation but also lively atmosphere in native settlements. In our opinion this is the most amazing sailing experience of a lifetime and pictures in your camera will be beyond expectations.

The return from Greenland to Iceland will be by small plane from Kulusuk back to Reykjavik.

The adventures are led by either our Chief or Senior Instructors Danny, Ales or Simon the passages will be a combination of day and overnight passages to make the most of your time exploring this extreme place. Our skippers are Yachtmaster Instructors so whether you are an experienced sailor or novice they will be able to pass on some tips along the way.

Starting your journey

We'll let you know everything you need to know to get to and from either Reykjavik, Olafsvik or Kulusuk based on our previous experiences.

The closest airport is Reykjavik which is 45 minutes by bus to the center of Reykjavik the service runs every 30 minutes at peak times.

All on-board expenses are included in the price

As with all our trips, all on-board expenses are included in the price - no hidden costs or surprises. The cost of the flight from or too Greenland is not included in the price, although we can help with arrangements.

We are starting this adventure from either Iceland or Greenland, please see the starting and end destinations below;

Expected dates for 2023 sailing;

14th July 2023 - Greenlandic Adventure, Olafsvik, Iceland to Kulusuk, Greenland - 10 days - £3945

25th July 2023 - Greenlandic Adventure, Greenland to Olafsvik, Iceland  - 10 days - £3945 - Sold out

5th August 2023 - Greenlandic Adventure, Olafsvik, Iceland to Kulusuk, Greenland - 10 days - £3945 - Last 2 spaces

16th August 2023 - Greenlandic Adventure, Kulusuk to Olafsvik Iceland  - 10 days - £3945

29th August 2023 - Greenlandic Adventure, Olafsvik, Iceland to Kulusuk, Greenland  - 10 days - £3945

9th September 2023 - Kulusuk, Greenland to Reykjavik, Iceland - 10 days - £3945


Book your spot below or phone us if you have any questions: 07834527038

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