A little optimism…

I hope that you are staying safe and well and that the current situation is at least tolerable for you. I’m sure that like us you have been watching and waiting for the next Government update and trying to adjust to the new way of life.

Even though we are not sailing we have been occupied with planning to expand our offshore adventures in 2021, for us it started with covering the West Coast of Scotland, St Kilda and Orkney and following the scouting mission last year this will be expanded to Iceland, Greenland and now Faroes and Jan Mayan – the break has given us the time to plan, something that was always juggled before!

We are starting to see seeds of recovery in Scotland, the Scottish Government announced last week their four phase plan of return to what will be the new ‘norm’ and we believe that we fit into phase 3 and again by our interpretation this would mean that in line with the easing of travel restrictions we could be back on the water by 10th July, of course still subject to social distancing rules.

We are continuing to look at the measures that we can put in place to help limit the risk involved once back on the water and are awaiting clarification from the Government and Governing Body about when this is likely to be.

We will be contacting everyone that has booking around this time to ensure that they have our most up to date position. If you would like to discuss a specific booking please do get in touch with us on admin@gowestsailing.com or 07834527038.

We wish you all the very best and hope to see you soon,

Danny and Victoria

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