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Nature you won’t see anywhere else, animals that you won’t come across elsewhere, the experience you will never forget. Unexplored adventure of your life. An encounter you won’t forget.

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  • 21 nights sailing adventure on 70ft expedition yacht Global Surveyor
  • all onboard meals and snacks
  • fuel and gas oil skins hire
  • skipper and 1st mate/guide services
  • yacht cleaning
  • bedding

Explore Antarctica

Antarctica is the fifth largest continent and is  13.6 million square kilometers in size. Its name comes from Latin and means opposite to the Arctic. Not surprisingly, it is the coldest continent with an average summer temperature of -10 to -40 and winter extremes of up to -93 °C, but in the Antarctic Peninsula the conditions are much more favorable. There are almost 70 scientific stations operated by 26 countries. There are huge areas of untouched, wild nature, remnants of human activity and a living presence. You can visit it all. Join us onboard of our unique expedition yacht Global Surveyor for arguably the most amazing sailing adventure on this beautiful planet.

Expected dates for
2024/25 sailing

27th December 2024 – Antarctica – Cape Horn [Ushuaia – Cape Horn – Antarctica – Ushuaia] – 21 days – SOLD OUT

20th January 2025 – Antarctica – Cape Horn [Ushuaia – Cape Horn – Antarctica – Ushuaia] – 21 days – SOLD OUT

13th February 2025 – Antarctica – Cape Horn [Ushuaia – Cape Horn – Antarctica – Ushuaia] – 21 days – LAST THREE SPACES REMAINING

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Your Antarctica sailing
adventure of a lifetime

Our unforgettable Antarctica expedition starts in Ushuaia, the last city on the southern tip of South America – you’ll hear it called ‘fin del mundo’, or ‘the end of the world’. A short day’s sailing along the Argentinian side of the Beagle Channel brings us to picturesque frontier village Harbarton, before the real adventure begins, crossing the Drake Passage to Antarctica.

Our first polar anchorage is Nelson Island, as we explore the first private polar station in Antarctica, the Czech station Eco Nelson, in the shadow of a towering glacier. King George Island is our next destination, and the Russian station Bellingshausen. Here, we’re likely to be welcomed ashore by Gentoo and Chinstrap penguins before we take a short ramble uphill to Trinity Church – ornate and colourful, it was shipped piece by piece from Russia and rebuilt here. We may even be blessed by the resident monks and treated to their bellringing.

We sail next for Half Moon Island, anchoring in the inner lagoon and heading ashore for some wildlife watching – perhaps Chinstrap penguins, Weddell and Antarctic Fur seals and sea lions. The island thrums with birdlife, too; skuas, shags, terns, petrels can all be spotted. Moving on to the active volcanic Deception Island, we explore an abandoned whaling station and historic whaling boats. 

We journey further south through the vast, wild landscape, passing icebergs and watching for whales, as we head for Enterprise Island. In 1915 an epic tale of industrial whaling, disaster, and courage unfolded here, when the Governoren whaling factory ship was accidentally set alight. The captain bravely drove the burning boat ashore, saving all aboard. Our expedition can tie alongside the wreckage, allowing us to explore the old whaling equipment and giant engines.

The natural harbour of Paradise Bay is our next destination, to visit the Chilean Gabriel González Videla station, nestled amongst a colony of Gentoo penguins. We visit the museum and may even be invited to tour the station’s living quarters. Then, it’s round the bay to the Argentinian Brown Station, where a short hike uphill offers stunning views over the bay.

A short hop to Goudier Island brings us to Port Lockroy, home to Britain’s first Antarctic base and the birthplace of the British Antarctic Survey. Today, the base is operated as a historic site and fascinating living museum. Visitor services here include a post office, so you can send souvenir postcards home. Our last night in Antarctica is spent at anchorage off the Melchior Islands, before we voyage back across the Drake Passage. We pass Cape Horn, where the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans meet at the southernmost headland of the Tierra del Fuego archipelago, before returning to Ushuaia.

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