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Global Surveyor

In January 2020 we were delighted to welcome to the fleet Global Surveyor aptly described as the ultimate machine. Global Surveyor was designed and built by Gunter Marine and the original owner Graham Lascelles for round the world sailing. The original build was in 1998 and she has been extensively refitted in 2020. She was intentionally over specced with 7 water tight compartments and crash bulkheads,  extra thick hull, over-sized cutter rig, 150 kg main anchor, and diesel tank which hold 2000 liters and many other extras that are not an everyday occurrence on a sailing yacht.

Internally, she has been designed with comfort and safety in mind. There is a very large saloon complete with mahogany trim and a dining table that could seat 16 comfortably, each cabin has been fitted with overhead reading lights and USB port to allow for device charging. The yacht has been designed to carry 16 passengers however will will keep this to a maximum of 8 plus 2 crew between 5 spacious cabins this will also ensure a really hands on experience!

All on-board expenses are included in the price

As with all our trips, all on-board expenses are included in the price - no hidden costs or surprises.

Our 2020 sailing dates:

We are starting this adventure from either Iceland or Greenland, please see the starting and end destinations below;

5th July - Oban to Orkney - 7 days

12th July - Orkney, Faroes, Iceland - 7 days

23rd July 2020 - Iceland to Greenland - 14 days - Full

6th August 2020 - Greenland to Iceland - 14 days - Full

22nd August 2020 - Iceland to Greenland - 14 days -  Spaces available

16th September 2020 - St.Kilda, West Coast & N.Ireland - 9 days - Spaces available

2nd October 2020 - Largs to Gibraltar - Spaces available

20th October 2020 - Gibraltar, Morocco, Canary Islands 12 days - Limited spaces available

Our 2021 sailing dates:

16th June 2021 - Tromso, Norway to Longyearbyen, Svalbard - 10 days

29th June 2021 - Longyearbyen, Svalbard to Jan Mayen to Reykjavik, Iceland - 14 days

17th July 2021 - Reykjavik, Iceland to Reykjavik, Iceland - 7 days

27th July 2021 - Reykjavic, Iceland to Kulusuk, Greenland - 14 days

12th August 2021 - Kulusuk, Greenland to Kulusuk, Greenland - 7 days

21st August 2021 - Kulusuk, Greenland to Reykjavik, Iceland - 14 days

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