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Why sail to Greenland with us?

Nature you won’t see anywhere else, animals that you won’t come across elsewhere, the experience you will never forget. Unexplored adventure of your life.  An encounter you won’t forget.


Included in the price

  • 10 nights accommodation on 70ft steel yacht
  • Fuel and gas
  • Oil skins hire
  • Skipper and 1st mate services
  • Yacht cleaning

Explore Greenland

Included in this sailing adventure are two amazing destinations, Iceland and Greenland and the crossing of the famous Denmark Strait. In the thousands of miles covering the coasts of Eastern Greenland there are only 7 settlements, these settlements are home to only 3500 residents and we will be visiting five of them. It is one of the last wild places in our hemisphere where people are still living a traditional way of life.

Expected dates for
2024 sailing

14th July 2024 – Greenlandic Adventure, Olafsvik, Iceland to Kulusuk, Greenland – 10 days

29th July 2024 – Greenlandic Adventure, Kulusuk, Greenland to Olafsvik, Iceland – 10 days 

5th August 2024 – Greenlandic Adventure, Olafsvik, Iceland to Kulusuk, Greenland – 10 days 

16th August 2024 – Greenlandic Adventure, Kulusuk to Olafsvik Iceland – 10 days

Our Greenland expedition starts in either Olafsvik, Iceland and finishes in Kulusuk, Greenland or in the opposite direction.  Information can be provided on your journeys to/from our yacht.

Our yacht will sail between spectacular icebergs of Sermilik Fjord the most iceberg productive fjord in Greenland

Sermilik Fjord is a big fjord west of the village Tasiilaq. The name Sermilik translates to ‘place with glaciers’ in Greenlandic. The fjord is full of icebergs as it’s fed by several glaciers. We will see numerous whales and seals in their natural habitat, we may be even lucky to see a polar bear wandering the shore. We will hike the mountains above the giant ice river Knud Rasmussen glacier.

We will pay a visit to an abandoned second world war army base. Eat fresh fish and wild berries harvested and caught by Inuits. Anchor surrounded by breath taking scenery, and experience first hand the land where the sun never fully goes down. We will experience the real taste of isolation but also the lively atmosphere in native settlements. In our opinion this is the most amazing sailing experience of a lifetime and the pictures in your camera will be beyond expectations.

Unique adventure for an exclusive price


About Global Surveyor

We were delighted to welcome to the fleet Global Surveyor to Go West Sailing in 2020; she’s aptly described as the ultimate machine. Global Surveyor was designed and built by Gunter Marine and the original owner Graham Lascelles for round the world sailing. The original build was in 1998 and she has been extensively refitted in 2020. She was intentionally over-specced with 7 watertight compartments and crash bulkheads, extra thick hull, over-sized cutter rig, 150kg main anchor, and diesel tank which holds 2000 litres with many other extras that are not an everyday occurrence on a sailing yacht. She has extensive safety kit including 2 ocean class 12 person life raft and satellite communication.

Internally, she has been designed with comfort and safety in mind. There is a very large saloon complete with mahogany trim and a dining table to seat 16 comfortably. Each cabin has been fitted with overhead reading lights and USB port to allow for device charging. The yacht has been designed to carry 16 passengers, however we keep this to a maximum of 10 plus 2 crew between 5 spacious cabins. This also ensures a really hands-on experience!

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