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Iceland to Greenland

Starting in Reykjavik you will visit the remote fjords of north west Iceland, crossing the Denmark Strait which is one of the most notorious stretches of water known for heavy weather, as you get closer to to the east coast of Greenland it will not be lobster pots that are being dodged it's Icebergs! The closer that you get to your destination the fog will clear and you will be met with the heady sight of crisp blue sky and dazzling white landscape. Following your crossing you will come to the picturesque village of Tasiilaq, don't expect a city as we know, this is Eastern Greenland. The population is around 1600 which is half of the population of Eastern Greenland. Wilderness here we come, we will be sailing in the remote fjords of Peter Johansen and Sermilik which is the most productive fjords in Greenland. Anchoring in the little Bays of the small Inuit settlements of Tiniteqilaq, Kumit and Sermiligaq you will see the traditional way of life of hunters and fishermen in their natural environment, no cars or TVs here.  Enjoy a picnic below Knud Rasmussen glacier encounter the wildlife, wales, seals and birdlife.

From all the thousands of miles of Eastern Coast there are only 7 settlements, these settlements are home to only 3500 residents. It is one of the last wild places in our hemisphere where people are still living a traditional way of life. In our opinion this is the most amazing sailing experience of a lifetime, the trip will be done on our Aleuthian 70 Global Surveyor, 45 tones yacht made of steel, travel in safety on one of the toughest yachts of this size, with 7 water tight compartments and with plenty of space on-board, the yacht was designed to carry 16 however we have capped the number to 8 plus 2 crew, this will also ensure a really hands on experience and comfort.

The return to Greenland to Iceland will be by small plane from Kulusuk back to Reykjavik, this is included in the price.

The 14 day adventure will be led by either our Chief or Senior Instructors Danny or Ales, the passages will be a combination of day and overnight passages to make the most of your time exploring this extreme place. Both Danny and Ales are Yachtmaster Instructors so whether you are an experienced sailor or novice they will be able to pass on some tips along the way.

The pictures in our gallery below are from our scouting mission in 2019, this was done on our own Bruce Roberts 37 and whilst a great yacht and very tough we have upgraded significantly to our yacht Global Surveyor 72 which is shown in the last pictures in the gallery.

Starting your journey

We'll let you know everything you need to know to get to and from either Reykjavik or Kulusuk based on our previous experience.

The closest airport is Reykjavik which is 45 minutes by bus to the centre of Reykjavik the service runs every 30 minutes at peak times.

All on-board expenses are included in the price

As with all our trips, all on-board expenses are included in the price - no hidden costs or surprises.

Our 2020 sailing dates:

We are starting this adventure from either Iceland or Greenland, please see the starting and end destinations below;

23rd July 2020 - Iceland to Greenland

6th August 2020 - Greenland to Iceland

Book your spot below or phone us if you have any questions: 07834527038

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