RYA Coastal Skipper/Yachtmaster Shorebased

The RYA Coastal Skipper and Yachtmaster Shorebased course is for experienced sailors. The course builds on the theory learnt on the Day Skipper course. It will give you the experience and confidence to plan and achieve your passage in offshore and coastal routes. Unlike the Day Skipper course, it also includes precision tidal calculations.

The course will increase your theory knowledge to the required standard for the Yachtmaster Coastal and Yachtmaster Offshore practical exams, concentrating on advanced navigation, IRPCS and meteorology subjects.

This is an intense six day course, from 0900 hrs to 1700 hrs every day (1 hr for lunch plus 2 x 15 min breaks), that will teach you advanced navigation techniques. The syllabus contains:

  • position fixing
  • course shaping and plotting
  • tidal knowledge
  • use of almanacs and admiralty publications
  • electronic position finding equipment
  • taking and interpreting forecasts
  • plotting weather systems
  • weather predictions using a barometer and by observation
  • collision regulations
  • customs and excise regulations for cruising abroad
Form Location Price
6 Consecutive Days Largs/Zoom £349
3 Consecutive Weekends Largs/Zoom (places shown "available" are in the classroom - there may be more places available on Zoom; please enquire) £349
Private Tuition or Flexi Choice Largs/Zoom Upon Request [Typically £220/Day]

You will sit three exams during the course and at the end will achieve the RYA Coastal Skipper/Yachtmaster Theory certificate.

Our instructors are all trained to RYA Yachtmaster Instructor standard and have many years of teaching experience, lots of patience and an ability to adapt their teaching style.

Number of participants