RYA Start Yachting Course, Largs Scotland

The RYA Start Yachting course is designed to give a taste of sailing over two days and nights and requires no previous experience. The course is for beginners who are interested in sailing. Our experienced instructors will guide you through health and safety and make sure that you are comfortable. We can advise on clothing for the trip too.

You will live on board one of our yachts for the weekend, with up to four other crew members plus the instructor.  There will be a mixture of experience which means that there will be other crew members who can give you a helping hand. Cooking will be shared between the crew to add to the experience.

By the end of the weekend you will have learnt how to steer a course, handle the lines, tie knots - and, most importantly, find out if you have a natural talent or just love sailing!

If you are keen on sailing you may wish to use your weekend towards our competent crew course.

Course starts on a Friday at 18:30 departing from Largs Yacht Haven, Scotland.

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