Visit magical St. Kilda and much more on this seven or eight day sailing adventure

Outer Hebrides and St Kilda

This trip is truly not for the faint hearted. Some sailors attempt for years to reach St. Kilda before finally getting an appropriate weather window to make the crossing. Our Chief Instructor has sailed to St. Kilda many times, with various levels of crew, in a variety of ‘Scottish’ weather!

The trip will start from either Largs or Oban and is likely to return to the respective harbour. All of the yachts that we use for our adventures are 42ft or larger and all boast 4 cabins – the yacht will become your home for adventure. They are all great boats, perfect for offshore sailing, which makes even a choppy passage bearable. Our adventure sails are perfect for practising sailing skills and getting the necessary miles or night sail hours for your logbook, which can be especially welcome for those who are aspiring for the Coastal Skipper or Yachtmaster licence or even consolidating Competent Crew or Day Skipper licences.

The archipelago of islands that make up St. Kilda are simply breathtaking. Lying 70NM from the Outer Hebrides, it is simply a magical place. St. Kilda is the biggest island in the cluster with Boreray and Soy to the north and Levenish to the south. It sits proudly out of the Atlantic Ocean and its striking cliffs and sea stacks are alive with the cries of a million seabirds. However, it is not only famous for its sea birds, but also for the fact that people have survived here for over 4000 years. Although now uninhabited, the main village was in Village Bay, and even nowadays you can still visit the houses and cemetery and get a feel for how hard life on the island was.

Although St. Kilda is the highlight of the trip, you will pass through the beautiful Crinan Canal, stunning by itself, but also good fun - after opening and closing all 14 locks, a well-deserved drink is needed once reaching the Crinan basin! Then, depending on the tide and wind, you will pass through the Sound of Mull, and maybe visit one of the Small Isles. The last stop usually is North Uist before the final stretch to St. Kilda.

Sailing in Scotland can be the most challenging and rewarding in the world, with so many magical places to visit and locals to meet - and this is before we mention the Scottish fair and whisky distilleries.

Our 2019 sailing adventure to St Kilda will start and finish at the following harbours:

23rd June - Oban to Oban - 7 days - (Sold out)

14th July - Oban to Oban - 7 days - (Sold out)

2nd August - Largs to Oban - 8 days - (Sold out)

6th September - Largs to Oban - 8 days (Sold out)

Please get in touch for dates for 2020! 

Unfortunately, no dates are currently available. Try contacting us for more information.