Sail the western islands of the Canaries on these seven day sailing adventures

La Palma, El Hierro & La Gomera

"All the pictures on this page were shot by leisure sailors; just like you……., on our sailing adventures . No professional cameramen, no helicopters, just mobile phones and cameras operated by enthusiastic yachtsmen. These are the sights that will meet you on your sailing trip of a lifetime aboard of our yacht. You know you want to… really should……… now and join us on this amazing journey."

Included in the price:

  • 7 nights accommodation on our modern 4 cabin yacht
  • onboard breakfast, lunch, 2 evening meals and snacks
  • fuel and gas
  • skipper services
  • bedding
  • all marina and harbor fees

Optional - not included in the price:

  • optional final cleaning service at £10 per person
  • optional eating in restaurant ashore
  • visitors fees to any onshore attractions
  • travel onshore (car hire, bus etc)


Starting in either our home marina of Marina Lanzarote sitting 10 minutes' drive from the Airport on Lanzarote or Santa de Cruz on Tenerife. This adventure is the perfect balance between hands on informal training, mile building and sightseeing and you will have plenty of time ashore to explore the nearby towns and soak up a little local atmosphere.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife, a town where 'new meets old' with old fashioned streets sitting next to more modern construction. The most significant demonstration of this is next to the historic fortress.

La Palma, is the third smallest island in the Canaries with an area of 706km2 and the highest point of Roque de los Muchachos (2426m) it is said to be the steepest terrain in the world, it is also the greenest island and perhaps the most diverse with volcanic peaks, pine forests, banana plantations, vineyards and beaches which alternate in a very localised area. Definitely worth closer consideration is Roque de los Muchachos, the road up leads to an observatory complex, the top is above the clouds and on a day with good visibility the views are spectacular. The view is not all the island has to offer, two light houses one boasting a museum of eco systems, the Salinas Compar Sal (salt farm) which is the very traditional for the Canary Islands.

The biggest attraction is the fading volcano and the remains of the 2021 eruption from Cumbre Vieja, apart from the volcano on the southern tip of the island La Palma is an oasis of beautiful mountains, vineyards and banana plantations.

El Hierro which is also called the Ferro or Isla del Meridiano is the smallest and most westerly of the Canary Islands, it covers 268km2 and is inhabited by only 11,000 people around half being in the capital of Valverde. The slopes of the countryside are much more rolling than the other islands with the tallest mountain being Malpaso reaching 1501m, it's truly an island of flowers. There are a few points of interest Mirador de la Pena on the most northerly tip, absorb the view of the entire island from here. The look out which is placed elegantly on a slope has a local restaurant which makes a nice stop for refreshments. Then we have Pozo de las Calcosas which is a picturesque village in a bay, a step path between houses is a natural lagoon also worth a visit on your circuit is Charco Manso and La Restinga.

La Gomera is the Second smallest island of the archipelago, it's not as steep as La Palma and is wetter and therefore greener, the smell of this island, the shrubs, sun heated pine forests, and grilled fish in the towns. The islands roads go through the mountains, up and down circa 1500m. Tenerife is only 20nm away with the marina of San Sebastian a small but lively place and handy for a pre arranged place on the pier.

During your time onboard you will either head west from Lanzarote, taking in La Gomera, El Hierro, La Palma and your final destination of Tenerife (North) or starting at  Tenerife and finishing at Marina Lanzarote, Lanzarote depending on your date selected.

Open Dates:

27th November 2023 - Lanzarote – Fuerteventura – Gran Canaria – La Gomera – Tenerife - 7 days

21st January 2024 -Lanzarote – Fuerteventura – Gran Canaria – La Gomera – Tenerife - 7 days
Price is £1095.00 for an All-Inclusive Sailing Adventure

All on-board expenses are included in the price

As with all our trips, all on-board expenses are included in the price - no hidden costs or surprises.

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