Blue water sailing at its best

Best of Cape Verde - Winter Sun in Africa

"All the pictures on this page were shot by leisure sailors; just like you……., on our trips of Cape Verde. No professional cameramen, no helicopters, just mobile phones and cameras operated by enthusiastic yachtsmen. These are the sights that will meet you on your sailing trip of a lifetime aboard of our yacht. You know you want to… really should……… now and join us on amazing, ocean sailing in Africa."

Included in the price:

  • 7 nights accomodation on 4 or 5 cabin yacht
  • all onboard meals and snacks
  • fuel and gas
  • skipper services
  • bedding
  • harbour fees
  • crusing tax

Optional - not included in the price:

  • final cleaning service at £10 per person
  • drinks and meals ashore
  • travel on land and shore based activities
  • flights to Cape Verde


Explore the islands of Cape Verde with one of our Senior Yachtmaster Instructors, Danny or Ales, in our very own yacht North Star Bavaria 44.

Cape Verde is real blue water sailing, boasting an eternal summer, beautiful beaches, trade winds, and, without hordes of tourists, this is a destination for real adventurers. We will be leaving from Mindello on St Vincente,  and sailing around the archipelago, where almost every island has its own unique scenery and microclimate, dolphins and sharks are common, and turtles are breeding. We will visit tranquil anchorages and little fishing harbours.

The adventure will the take in the islands of Santo Antao, Ilha Brava, Fogo, Santiago, S Nicolao and return to Mindello. All of the islands are different and have their own charm, you have the very green S Antao with deep valleys to the more barren landscape in Fogo with its 9000ft Volcano.  You will get a true taste of Africa and its colourful history.

The adventure sail is over seven days so there is plenty of time to explore the islands and log some night hours too.   You will truly experience a sailing holiday of a lifetime.

There are flights to Mindello from various airports in the UK, with return prices starting from around £400. Cape Verde is one of the safest destinations in Africa, with reasonable access to healthcare and emergency services. Cape Verdeans rank at the top for happiness and safety on the African continent. This trip is not for beginners and you are advised to have proper travel insurance for the area and ask your GP for healthcare advice.

As with all our sailing trips, we can advise on transport to and from Cape Verde based on our extensive previous experience. Cape Verde is accessible from the main UK airports. You will be sailing with real professionals who have years of experience of sailing in various locations around the world. If you fancy something different and meeting new people in a sunny climate, then this is for you.  As with any sailing adventure, we will go at the pace of the crew. We have an excellent track record, however your safety is most important to us, and if the weather decides to be against us we will amend the route accordingly to ensure that you have a great trip.

Unfortunately, no dates are currently available. Try contacting us for more information.