Sailing Greece 2017, Part 1

Our trip started with a civilised coffee at Buchanan bus station. We boarded the MegaBus to Manchester Airport for the princely sum of £25. After a quick driver change and stop in the centre of Manchester we arrived at the airport for the 3.15 pm EasyJet flight to Athens.

One glossy magazine, 1 meze box and a cold beer later we arrived at Athens. There is a direct train from Athens Airport to Korinthos where we were picked up and taken to the beautiful village of Korfos.

Korfos is truly the end of the road, winding down the single track road you get the first glance of the village below. Korfos is a traditional village with a bakery, one mini market, some hotels and a few cafés and tavernas.

On our arrival we noted that the single pontoon had become increasingly busy since our last visit. Last year only 2 boats were tied alongside, today there were at least 10 sailing yachts together with a catamaran that had been in the Caribbean earlier in the year.

On opening the door of the car my nose was greeted with the most beautiful smell – a combination of the fresh mountain air and the sweet smell of the fruits and pink flowers that were growing in the front garden of the apartment that was to be home for the night. After very welcomed fresh bread and local jam and cheese we slept like babies.

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