East Coast of Greenland 2019

Sailing the East Coast of Greenland is truly an unforgettable sailing adventure. The fjord is full of icebergs as it’s fed by several glaciers. This is the place where you can experience the real taste of isolation but also the lively atmosphere in native settlements. We have seen numerous whales and seals and tasted fresh fish and wild berries harvested and caught by Inuits.

All the stills and video in this footage were shot on a trip to Greenland in the summer of 2019. No professional cameramen, no helicopters, just mobile phones and portable drones operated by enthusiastic yachtsmen.

Our current Greenland sailing adventures onboard Global Surveyor start in either Olafsvik, Iceland and finish in Kulusuk, Greenland or in the opposite direction.  Information can be provided on your journeys to/from our yacht.

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